A Project Report or Business Plan is a formal document of commitment presented in a standard format that clearly narrates all crucial information covering various aspects of the proposed business for making any investment decision. Project Report is not only absolutely essential for obtaining financial assistance from Bank/ Financial Institution/Funding Agency but also the most important document to form an opinion in the process of availing various benefits and wide array of incentives available under State Govt./Central Govt. Schemes/Policies for MSME sector. 


We have been into development of Business Documents (E-Books) including Ready Project Reports/ Business Plans in diverse areas of business interests under non-profit social advisory model to disseminate and to assist the unemployed youths/aspiring entrepreneurs in identifying suitable business opportunities while contributing towards generating employment in the local economy. These Business Documents are developed with the primary objective to introduce the subject-matter as one of the possible career options among the aspiring entrepreneurs and to provide them with a general understanding of the concept thereby supporting in crucial investment decisions. These Business Documents are also expected to provide much needed guidance to carry viability analysis by the stakeholders in the process of identifying most suitable Business Idea. The Documents are compiled based on extensive desk research referring primary as well as the secondary data relevant to the subject-matter collected from various reliable sources including Policy Guidelines, Newsletters, Magazines, Research Articles, Journals and Study Reports etc. downloaded from many websites as well as blogs available in the Internet. 


The Ready Project Report/Business Plan contains detail information to quickly start with the various time-consuming government formalities, convincing Banks/FIs/Investors and completing requisite important registrations connected with planning and setting up of the proposed Business Project. The available Project Reports/Business Plans can be downloaded instantly and may be utilised as an important Project Document immediately.

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