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The Food & Beverage retailing pattern has changed drastically over the past decade especially with the emergence of the online delivery model. It provides consumers with immense choice and convenience. Nowadays, people seem to have shied away from the traditional dining out experience. The customers now prefer to stay at home and enjoy their food rather than venturing into long hours in traffic or spending time eating in restaurants with long waiting periods. Especially due to onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the trend has witnessed a spike with the growing preference for home delivered food with best safety standards. Since, the restaurant industry is one of those most devastated business sector by COVID-19, which led to the rise of a viable concept that helped masses enjoy restaurant-like food at home and made it less-stressful for food-entrepreneurs. The concept is called Cloud Kitchen and are becoming more relevant to survive in the F&B industry.


Cloud Kitchens which are also known as Dark kitchens, Ghost kitchens, Shared kitchens, Shadow kitchens or Restaurant-as-a-Service (RAAS) are kitchens refers to a place where food is prepared and delivered at door steps by taking orders through website, via calls or via third-party food delivery aggregator apps such as Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato. Cloud Kitchen acts like a virtual kitchen premises that has no physical existence for dining but offers the same services as a regular kitchen would do. This service is of massive help especially for the elders and the ones unable to cook in times of such global pandemic like the COVID 19.


Cloud Kitchens involve low costs and high profit. Cloud kitchens are much cheaper to set up than brick-and-mortar restaurants as there’s no need for them to be in prime locations, no need for attractive designs, no need for seating space and no need for staffs such as servers, cashiers, attendants and bartenders since the cloud kitchen provider typically offers shared labour support such as cleaning and security personnel only. Since the cloud kitchen business still has a huge untapped potential, this might be the best time for one to invest in a cloud kitchen business model. With minimum risks involved, it is one of the safest bids, if somebody is planning to invest in the food industry.


A Project Report is not only essential for obtaining financial assistance from Bank/ Financial Institution/Funding Agency but also the most important document either to participate in the development schemes of MSME Sector/ Department of Industries or in completing various time consuming government formalities connected with planning and commercial operation of the proposed business project.


This Detail Project Report (DPR)/ Business Plan has been developed in a well-structured PDF Format (Easy to Download, Convert into MS WORD through www.pdftoword.com, Edit for Personalised Customisation and Finally Printing the Report) to be presented as a Ready Project Proposal immediately thereby saving precious time of the promoter in the process of completing requisite formalities in anticipation of setting up the business project. Accordingly, following Project Templates has been deliberately left blank in order to facilitate customisation by the perspective entrepreneurs based on personal requirements and furnish necessary information on actual basis.


§ Project at a Glance                                 :             To be Filled Up as per Personal Requirements.

[Total Capital Expenditure, Working Capital, Estimated Cost of the Project, Amount of Bank Loan, Amount of Equity Capital and Amount of applicable Margin Money Subsidy – (Urban/Rural /General Category/ Special Category)].


§ General Information and Location       :             To be Furnished in the Blank Space.

[Name of the Unit/Firm, Address of the Proposed Project Location, Size of the Space Available and Occupancy under Ownership/Lease Agreement].


§ Promoter’s Background                        :             To be Furnished in the Blank Space.

[Name of the Promoter, Age, Communication Address, Educational Qualification, Work Experience and Special Training Attended, if Any].

The Project Report/ Business Plan so presented include all the important aspects containing the following details;



1.    The Project at a Glance

2.    Highlights of the Project

3.    Project Introduction

4.    The Project Proposal

5.    The Products

6.    Prospect for Investment

7.    Potential Target Customers/Market

8.    Market Entry/Marketing Strategy

9.    Critical Success Factors

10. Process Details and Technical Solutions

11. Installed and Operational Capacity

12. Quality Control and Standards

13. Raw Materials and Consumables

14. Power and Utility

15. Tentative Implementation Schedule

16. Basis & Presumptions

17. Capital Investment Estimates with Detail Project Economics

18. Computation of Working Capital Requirement

19. Estimated Total Project Investment

20. Proposed Means of Project Financing

21. Estimated Annual Sales Turnover

22. Projected Profitability Statement

23. Calculation of Interest Amount

24. Depreciation Schedule

25. Term Loan Repayment Schedule

26. Debt Service Coverage Ratio

27. Break-Even Analysis

28. Projected Cash Flow Statement

29. Projected Balance Sheet

30. Internal Rate Return

31. Pay Back Period

The presentation also supplements with important facts and useful information covering the areas as indicated below;


1.    Statutory Permits and Business Licenses Required for Cloud Kitchen Business;

2.    Basics of Cloud Kitchen Business;

3.    Beginner’s Guide to Start Cloud Kitchen Business;

4.    Smart Tips to Follow for Successful Cloud Kitchen Business;

5.    Proven Tips to Boost the Sale of Cloud Kitchen Business and

6.    Cloud Kitchen Promotional Ideas during Covid Times.

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